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Yves Rocher Anti-age Global Mask Sheet (1 pcs)

The new generation anti-aging mask: Yves Rocher was inspired by a beauty secret of Korean women, who are always on the leading edge of innovation, to offer a new and even more effective generation of anti-aging masks. These masks first emerged in Asia and are gradually replacing cream and fabric masks. These masks use SKIN TO SKIN TECHNOLOGY, with a unique and innovative fusion action. THE NEW ANTI-AGING EXPERIENCE With its high natural content formula (made from 97% ingredients from natural origin) and SKIN TO SKIN TECHNOLOGY, the Complete Anti-Aging Mask works in perfect harmony with the skin for instant, visible anti-aging effects. WHO IS IT FOR? Women aged 30 or over who wish to discover a new anti-aging experience and who expect instantly visible results. For all skin types. HOW IS IT APPLIED? 1. Separate the two parts of the mask and lay them flat. 2. Take the first part of the mask, unfold it and gently remove the protective film. Apply it to your face, starting with the bottom half. Gently press the mask for it to adhere properly. Repeat the process with the second part of the mask on the top half of your face. 3. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Remove the mask, then massage to allow for the product to be completely absorbed.