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Relaxing Body Lotion Lavandin Blackberry 390ml

The pleasure of a moisturizing lotion with relaxing benefits of Lavender and Blackberry
For the pleasure of a relaxing body lotion, our unique chain of experts since 1959, have chosen and combined organic, free-trade Shea butter, Lavender essential oil and Blackberry. The skin is moisturized and delicately perfumed. Tested under dermatological supervision - Easily biodegradable formula - 96% of ingredients from natural origin - Recyclable bottle & containing recycled plastic - Mineral Oil free, paraben free
Lavandin and Blackberry
To relax body and mind, Yves Rocher has chosen to combine Lavandin with Blackberry.
Lavandin essential oil is obtained by distilling the blooming stems harvested in the summer, using steam. Lavandin essential oil is well-known for promoting relaxation. 
Its floral, fine and powdery notes, combined with the round and generous softness of Blackberry, offer a feeling of well-being and intense relaxation. 
Key botanicals: Botanical Glycerin, essential oil of Lavandin*, Blackberry extract 
This formula contains more than 97% of ingredients from natural origin 
Paraben free
*in the perfume
Apply body lotion effectively, take a lukewarm shower, and towel dry lightly without rubbing abrasively.
While the skin is still slightly damp, rub on dime-sized dollops of a body lotion . 
​Gently massage into the skin to stimulate circulation and blood flow.