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Perfect Skin Sun SPF50 Spray Milk

protects and moisturizes the skin
The skin is effectively protected against UVA/UVB rays and sunburn. Instantly moisturized, it is supple, soft and pleasantly perfumed. It milky, fresh and moisturizing texture is easy to apply over the entire body thanks to its spray pump.

Our Botanical Beauty Research experts have chosen Sea Holly for its ability to resist sun rays and for its exceptional ability to maintain its water reserves. Extract from a process respectful of the botanical resource and the environment
Shake well before applying generously over the entire body. DO NOT USE ON THE FACE. Renew the application frequently each time you are exposed to the sun and after swimming, drying yourself or perspiring. Reducing the quantity of the product used will reduce the level of protection. Over exposure to the sun, even using a sunscreen, is dangerous for the health.