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Sensual Vanilla Concentrated SHG 100ml

Our Botanical Beauty researchers reveal their most recent innovation: a concentrated shower formula in a bottle that is 4 times smaller than a 400ml Shower gel. With only one dose of formula, its fluid and enveloping texture creates a delicate, abundant foam that gently cleanses the skin. The promise of a really sensorial and perfumed shower.

Concentrated Shower gel Collection

The 1st Concentrated shower gel* that preserves your pleasure and helps in respecting the planet. *At Yves RocherThe shower is THE moment of the day to reenergize and take care of yourself.
The Concentrated shower gel preserves all the pleasure of this perfumed moment, while also respecting the planet.•Enjoy the complete range of Concentrated Shower Gel in this Kit
Thanks to its innovative and sensorial formula, one dose is enough for a shower.
The 100ml Concentrated shower gel gives you the same number of showers as the classic 400ml shower gel.
By creating less packaging, it contributes more to respect the planet.